James: Aged 7 

The following pictures are owned by Pro-Football and have full consent by child's parent/guardian to be publicly shown.

  • Name: Suzanne

  • Message: Tommy has coached my 7 year son for 5 months . My son has ADHD and autism and can be changelling. Tommy with his patience and skills found a way to teach my son and show him skills he was wanting to learn for football . My son progressed very well within these 5 months. I would not hesitate to recommend Tommy as I think he has been such a valuable asset to my son in these last few months .

Liam: Aged 6​

  • Name: Danny

  • Message: My son has trained with Tommy for over a year and during this time Tommy has worked on my sons areas of development and they have now turned into his strengths on the pitch Tommy is fantastic and I would highly recommend the 1-1 sessions ⚽

Jack: Aged 6​

  • Name: Neal

  • Message: Tommy has been fantastic with my 6 year old son Jack, who really enjoyed his one to one training. His confidence and skills have got so much better with Tommy's thoughtful and structured training

​Christian: Aged 9

  • Name: CJ

  • Message: Tommy has been brilliant with my son Christian, Christian is now a more confident attacker and has gone on to won multiple trophies for his club in a short period of time. 

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